my family
above all, I thank my beloved wife. she is the one which rallied behind how I spend an hour to an
hour in my studio. she is the one, who knows how much I am attached to my music and so she
helpes me with the realization of my goals. thank you so much. I love you!

Kati is responsible for the graphic design of my homepage, for the appearance of my social media
channels at facebook, mixcloud and so on. she did a best job handling with my steady impatience
and my even spontaneous enquiries and regular request and wishes of graphical changings. I know
it is hard to work with me :-). so I would like to invite everybody who is interested in graphical
creations and developments to get in touch with Kati. you can so so via sending an email here
or visiting her forum here. thank you very much for your support, Kati!

CHANX was my companion and tutor all around musical theory and beginning to knowledge of
producing and fl studio. more than 20 skype-units we spent together and sent back tons of whatsapps
in order to interchange about construction and usability of fl studio. that was how it how was possible
he made incidents clarified constantly. I hope you are doing your musical away. thank you very much
for your support! feel free everbody to visit him on his facebook fanpage here.

my followers and friends
thank you so much for your interest in my music and my project. i am very proud of you. it´s a
pleasure for me how you support me!