god is a dj

my creative intention tries to live up to this motto. nothing in the world is more capable of
bringing mankind together peacefully like music is. nothing has a better way to interact with
people and to let them connect with each other. for me, music is the base for harmony, the reason
of getting together and the expression of joy of life in general. music makes people overcome
differences in point of view, religion, language, skin color and sex.

my passion for electronic music began early in the aera of "eurodance". of course I was influenced
by almost countless visits of events like the loveparade, trance energy and asot. Thoughout times I
developed especially a passion for the section "uplifting trance".

I was absolutely attracted to the art and work of dj´s and producers. I always had to watch the dj´s
turning vinyls and performing magic with their dj-hardware. that is what I imagine would it be like
standing on the stage on such an event I just mentioned, playing svenson & gielen's "sunlight theory"
in front of a bunch of euphorically screaming and dancing people.

following this dream, I started mixing sets mostly consisting of uplifting trance tracks. since that
time the desired zoom grew to even intervene in my on fate as dj and producer. let's see, where the
god of music sees me in the future... so: trance on!

yours KUNO