on the one hand this project reflects my activities as a dj and on the other hand myself as a trance-
producer. All mixes that I put together in some form, I will offer you to listen at my social media
channels in order to make you annotate and share and like. as soon as I have the impression
to have produced tracks finished, I will put excerpts of it online. my goal is to win a label for the
sampling and for publishing one of my tracks.

QsounDJ is the result of an idea that developed four visitors of a state of trance asot600 in den bosch.
this is a regular meeting, together with two or three dj's and some music-lovers to enjoy trance in its
diversity. the naming resulted from my perspective to make common experience with trance quarterly.
so QSounDJ is the abbreviation for "Quartaly Sounds of united DJ´s". peppy and KUNO are regular
dj´s every show while the visitor circle slowly increases.

KUNO´s Uplifting Trance Hour (KUTH)
if you want to know more about my musical passion feel welcome at my own radio show "KUNO's
Uplifting Trance Hour" (KUTH). I am offering a 60-minute-set with the latest tracks from the uplifting
trance genre. please klick here to see whre the show is aired actually: